Senior UX Designer

Specialised in Interaction Design and Design Management.

Hi! My name is Andrea, 
and I'm connecting the right design decisions to your business goals: 
Understand insights from research. Translate them into concepts. 
Prototype, test, iterate and deploy.
As the co-founder and design director of a Tech/Design Startup for the last eight years,
I have witnessed and shaped all stages of product and company growth. 
People and project management, shaping company culture, as well as budgeting projects, are all day-to-day activities for me.
I am a hands-on designer, so you will usually find me rolling up my sleeves for my biggest passion: Interaction and UI Design.​​​​​​​
Please take a closer look at my process and expertise, or check out some
selected projects in my portfolio. 
I hold a degree in Design from Köln International School of Design, Cologne, Germany. I am currently based in Barcelona, Spain. 
Do you have a project in mind I can help you with? Contact me!
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