Senior UX Designer

Barcelona Based

Hi! My name is Andrea, 
As an experienced UX Designer with a passion for insight-driven solutions,
I bring a blend of creative and strategic skills to every project.
I have a proven track record as the Co-Founder and Director of Design at a 
Tech/Design Startup, where I led innovative projects, including an AI Developer Tool.
My expertise covers a wide range of design disciplines, from Design Research 
and Interaction design to Prototyping and Product Implementation, utilizing tools 
like Figma & Adobe creative suite. 
Fluent in German, English, and with a good level of Spanish, I excel in cross-cultural communication, ensuring design visions resonate with diverse teams and clients.
I am driven by commitment to excellence and I am passionate about delivering
strategic design solutions that exceed expectations.
Please take a closer look at my process and expertise, or check out some
selected projects in my portfolio. 
I hold a degree in Design from Köln International School of Design, Cologne, Germany. I am currently based in Barcelona, Spain. 
Do you have a project in mind I can help you with? Contact me!
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