The copper producer, 'First Quantum Minerals', operating as a global entity with a workforce spanning 20,000 individuals across four continents, embarked on a mission to develop a digital solution aimed at identifying and nurturing talent within its organizational framework.
The task - User Profiles & User Flows
My primary responsibility encompassed delineating diverse user profiles and crafting tailored user journeys, each attuned to the distinct roles and varied needs interfacing with the system. 
Moreover I was the lead designer to ensure the quality of all files handed over to development. As the agency building out all pixel perfect flows and prototypes we not only needed to build a complete design system but also anticipate and annotate every interaction eventuality.
Main actors: Participants & Assessors
The system created is a dynamic application that welcomes pre chosen 30 candidates from all over the organization to participate in nine month long program. They are tasked to complete five assessments within five different task areas, judged and rated by 'assessors'. The five chosen winning participants will be put on a special career path aimed at high management roles. 
The video above shows snippets of the journey the 'assessor' would take: From onboarding and preparation videos to final assessment data input. 
* All Visual Design concepts were originally created by "Without Studio, London"

Assessor screens: Feedback input mechanism examples

Participants screens: Task delivery / Task overview

User journeys
The images below showcase the iterative evolution of all user flows created and refined throughout the project lifecycle.
These flows not only formed the bedrock for the subsequent screen design and content requirements but also functioned as a dynamic tool for identifying additional interaction necessities and vigilantly monitoring potential pitfalls.
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