To structure and re-use creative problem solving and ideation processes we developed a specific brainstorming technique that works with metaphor worlds.
I have created the product kit that helped us facilitate this method as workshops for clients. The metaphor toolkit consists of 10 metaphors to choose from with 5 inspiring images and a booklet that explains the process. 
Below follow two examples of workshops we conducted with clients
Hewlett Packard 2 day Workshop 
HP's objective was to explore new visual and interaction paradigms for reproduction houses printing software. Their existing version was desperately in need of an experience and visual design makeover. 
All metaphors produced an overwhelming amount of idea sets, which in turn introduced new perspectives to the problem solving process. 
Impressions of workshop output with Hewlett Packard:
samples of follow up work - translation of drawings into potential UI's :
UX Poland conference 2015  - workshop facilitation
Exipple was admitted to hold a workshop at UX Poland on our metaphor method. 
For 29 participants, mainly UX Designers, I created a detailed presentation, example challenges to work on and prepared image and video material for 5 metaphor contexts.
Samples of UX Poland presentation:

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